• Bob Blumenfield
    2016 Pantry Luncheon with Councilman Bob Blumenfield
  • Bob Blumenfield
    Councilman Blumenfield speaks about efforts to aid the homeless
  • Terri Seidman
    Terri Seidman receives recognition for outstanding service
  • Harry Seidman
    Harry Seidman is also recognized for outstanding service
  • Richard Podleski
    Richard Podleski receives special thanks from the Pantry Board
  • Allison Gordon
    Allison Gordon receives a star award
  • Helene Fernandez
    A star award to Helene Fernandez
  • Glenn Ellis
    Glenn Ellis receives a star award
  • Linda Worland
    Linda Worland given a star award
  • School supply drive
    NCL Volunteers pack backpacks with school supplies
  • School supply drive
    that were distributed August 13
  • School supply drive
    The volunteers prepared the distribution on August 12
  • School supply drive
  • School supply drive
    The teen NCL volunteers
  • School supply drive
    NCL Volunteers: Mother - Daughter teams
  • School supply drive
    Pantry volunteers including Julianne and Debbie
Come on in...
The West Valley Food Pantry is doing more than feeding the hungry. We are offering community members the help they need to truly thrive.

Almost 3,000 people and 26,000 meals per month: that's just where feeding community begins.

Our community is our responsibility. We invest in the futures of our clients because we feel that our service can lead to better lives. We extend our services to unemployed residents, the working poor, the homeless, and those living on fixed incomes.

Walk through our doors and connect with the people around you. Feels good, doesn't it?

During the month of August, our two distribution centers served 837 families (2,338 adults and children).

Other Ways You can help!
Donations of money or food make our work possible. Coupons can help too! See how to find a Ralph's coupon once a month.

We accept online donations!
But we also welcome mail-in and walk-in donations. Visit our donate page for more details on how you can help.

Help us buy food

West Valley Food Pantry
5700 Rudnick Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 346-5554
Volunteers needed! You can help!
The NCL mothers and daughters have completed their summer participation in the Pantry so we are in need of additional in Pantry volunteers to fill open spots (especially on Monday). We also need people with muscle who can lift 25 pound boxes to work mornings in the storage ares. If you would like to join our team, please fill out our on-line volunteer application.

Food Donations
The Food Pantry is indebted to the many organizations that collect and donate food. Our slide show (above) high-lights two organizations: the DC Collective and the Hale Charter Academy. These food donations are an important contribution to out ability to feed those in need.

Learn more about us.

Get our brochure (PDF)

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Roya Muniz the New Pantry Supervisor
Roya Muniz As Margaret Shively, our long-time Pantry Supervisor prepares to retire, the Pantry Board has selected Roya Muniz to assume the duties of Pantry Supervisor. Roya has a business degree from Cal State LA, years of experience in the business world, and is eager to contribute to the work of the Pantry. Margaret has graciously begun training Roya for the many tasks the Pantry Supervisor handles. Roya is preparing to take over when Margaret departs her supervisor role at the end of July.

Watch a short video from the Letter Carrier's Food Drive
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