• Rodeo Reality
    Donations from Rodeo Realty
  • Invitemanager Co
    Invitemanager Company sent a team to sort food
  • Invitemanager Co
    Invitemanager Company sent a team to sort food
  • Invitemanager Co
    Invitemanager Company sent a team to sort food
  • Justice Street Elementary
    Justice Street Elementary bringing and sorting food
  • Justice Street Elementary
    Justice Street Elementary bringing and sorting food
  • Nobody Hikes in LA
    Nobody Hikes in LA held a food drive for the Pantry
  • Girl Scout Sort
    Girl Scout troop 7036 sorting food
  • Boy Scout Sort
    Boy Scout troop 22 sorting food
  • National Notary Donation
    National Notary Association donates a truck load of food
  • Kol Tikvah Food Drive
    The Kol Tikvah Food Drive (October 9, 2016)
  • Kol Tikvah Food Drive
    The Kol Tikvah Food Drive (October 9, 2016)
  • Kol Tikvah Food Drive
    The Kol Tikvah Food Drive (October 9, 2016)
  • Kol Tikvah Food Drive
    The Kol Tikvah Food Drive (October 9, 2016)
  • Kol Tikvah Food Drive
    The Kol Tikvah Food Drive (October 9, 2016)
  • Flu Shots
    Free flu shots on October 1
Come on in...
The West Valley Food Pantry is doing more than feeding the hungry. We are offering community members the help they need to truly thrive.

Almost 3,000 people and 26,000 meals per month: that's just where feeding community begins.

Our community is our responsibility. We invest in the futures of our clients because we feel that our service can lead to better lives. We extend our services to unemployed residents, the working poor, the homeless, and those living on fixed incomes.

Walk through our doors and connect with the people around you. Feels good, doesn't it?

During the month of October, our two distribution centers served 839 families (2,430 adults and children).

In Memoriam ...
Dick Shively
Richard (Dick) Shively was a strong supporter of Family Rescue Center from its inception as Rescate in 1998. Most recently he was President of the Board for four years through 2014. He was tirelessly involved with almost all the day-to-day activities and events including many WVFP board meetings, food sorts, etc. He established the partnership with Food Forward to source back yard fruit and farmer's market produce. At age 82, Dick was still active on the FRC board until September when his health suddenly declined due to advanced esophageal cancer and then his death on November 15. In addition to his strong leadership role at FRC, he sourced foundation grants for FRC that were critical to sustaining the center's ongoing operations. With a willing servant's heart and a story from his past for every occasion, he was a delight to serve with and will be sorely missed.

Other Ways You can help!
Donations of money or food make our work possible. Coupons can help too! See how to find a Ralph's coupon once a month.

West Valley Food Pantry
5700 Rudnick Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 346-5554
Many Donations, Grants, and Workers Come to the Pantry as the Holidays Approach! Thank you!
So many organizations have stepped up with donations to the Pantry. We give special thanks to the Knistrom Foundation for a grant of $10,000 and to the National Charity League for a grant of $8,000 to help feed the homeless and to upgrade the Pantry's computer equipment. But so many other organizations have come forth these past two months with contributions of cash, food, and labor that we cannot list them all on our home page here. Some of the groups are shown in our slide show above. Examples are Girl Scout troop 7036, Boy Scout troop 22, the group Nobody Hikes in LA, the Justice Street Elementary school, and Invitemanager Company of Calabasas. We have tried to make a more complete list on our news page, and we invite you to look all the donors we can remember there. To any contributors who we have missed in our list, our sincere apology. We do appreciate what you have given!

These donations help the Pantry continue our work of feeding the needy. Thank you so very much!

Pantry Receives Grant from Valley Bridge Players
Last spring, the San Fernando Valley bridge players' group, Unit 561 (U561), was given the opportunity to nominate a non-profit organization in their area to receive a charity grant. This was provided by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), which U561 is affiliated with through District 23 (Los Angeles County) as part of ACBL, the national organization.

The U561 Board of Directors, headquartered at The 750 Bridge Club (next-door to the WVFP), unanimously agreed to designate the WVFP to receive this $5,000 charity grant. These funds, which arrived on September 20, will be used to help feed the many clients of WVFP. The members of ACBL-U561 and The 750 Bridge Club are extremely pleased to be able to assist their good neighbors at the WVFP!

Learn more about us.

Get our brochure (PDF)

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Annual Toy Drive
The West Valley Food Pantry, with volunteers from the National Charity League-SFV, is preparing for the annual Holiday Toy Drive for clients of the Pantry and local residents. This year's Toy Drive will be Saturday, December 17th.

We are asking for donations of gift cards, toys, board games, electronics, sports equipment and bags, cologne, makeup, costume jewelry, perfume, face/body lotions, nail products, clothing, etc.

Donations of unwrapped, new gifts can be dropped off at the Pantry (5700 Rudnick Ave in Woodland Hills) before December 15th. The Pantry receives many toys for young children, but few are ceceived for older boys and girls. Please consider bringing a gift for a teenage child. Gift cards of $20-$30 amounts are especially popular with this age.

Your donations will be greatly appreciated!

Julianne Sorice, Volunteer Coordinator, West Valley Food Pantry

St. Luke Music for Christmas
St. Luke Lutheran Church will celebrate Christmas with a joy-filled afternoon of music Sunday, December 18 at 4 pm. The price of admission is canned food or a cash offering to benefit the Pantry. Click on this link for the St. Luke flyer for the concert.

Food Donations Needed
The Pantry will need more food donations than usual this year since the Scout Drive-Thru is not scheduled to happen. Julianne Sorice, our food drive coordinator, has compiled a list of our most needed items (click here) . Help us feed our clients by bringing some of these items to the Pantry.

Watch a short video from the Letter Carrier's Food Drive
Go to our news page .

We accept online donations!
But we also welcome mail-in and walk-in donations. Visit our donate page for more details on how you can help. (If you wish to make a donation for a special purpose, instructions for how to do this through PayPal are also on the donations page.)

More news and announcements can be found on the news page.