• Monica Origer
    Monica Origer made Christmas stockings for the homeless
  • Malibu Canyon Aquatics
    Malibu Canyon Aquatics Food Drive
  • Calabasas Drive Thru
    The Annual Calabasas Drive Thru sponsored by the Scouts
  • Calabasas Drive Thru
    Collection stations at the Calabasas Drive Thru
  • El Camino Real Crew
    El Camino Real Charter Crew that sorted and stowed Drive Thru donations
  • Justice Street Elementary
    Justice Street Elementary Food Drive
  • Ivy Academy
    Ivy Academy Food Drive
  • Lockhurst Haynes
    Lockhurst Haynes Elementry Food Drive
  • Time A Crump
    Time A Crump Company Food Drive
  • National Notary
    National Notary Food Drive
  • Vasht Organization
    Large rice bags and cat food from the Vasht Organization
  • Invitemanager
    Invitemanager Sorting Group
  • Viewpoint School
    Viewpoint School helps sort food.
  • Viewpoint School
    Viewpoint School
  • Health Net
    Health Net Food Drive
Come on in...
The West Valley Food Pantry is doing more than feeding the hungry. We are offering community members the help they need to truly thrive.

Almost 3,000 people and 26,000 meals per month: that's just where feeding community begins.

Our community is our responsibility. We invest in the futures of our clients because we feel that our service can lead to better lives. We extend our services to unemployed residents, the working poor, the homeless, and those living on fixed incomes.

Walk through our doors and connect with the people around you. Feels good, doesn't it?

Learn more about us.

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West Valley Food Pantry
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Kol Tikvah Yom Kippur Food Drive
Keeping a tradition that began in 2001, Temple Kol Tikvah held a food drive for the Pantry as they celebrated Yom Kippur. Under the direction of Samantha Duenas, the youth minister, 79 young people and their parents turned out to collect, sort, and box the donated food. Volunteers from the Pantry and from Sober College loaded the boxes into our storage containers. The drive netted nearly 300 sorted boxes of food (770 unsorted bags full) and $200 in cash. Many thanks to this wonder congregation and their tradition of beginning the New Year by helping feed those in need.

Food Donations Needed
The Pantry continues to need food donations as we step up our efforts to feed the homeless in our community. For a compiled a list of our most needed items (click here) . Help us feed our clients by bringing some of these items to the Pantry.

We accept online donations!
But we also welcome mail-in and walk-in donations. Visit our donate page for more details on how you can help. (If you wish to make a donation for a special purpose, instructions for how to do this through PayPal are also on the donations page.)

Other Ways You can help!
Donations of money or food make our work possible. Coupons can help too! See how to find a Ralph's coupon once a month.

November is a Month of Food Drives
Many organizations have stepped forward this November to help the Food Pantry through food drives and help sorting. The annual Scout sponsored Calabasas Drive-Thru Food Drive gathered ten pallets of food on November 11 and 12. A work crew from El Camino Real Charter High helped sort and stow the food the scouts collected.

Other schools in the area contributed as well. Justice Street Elementary, Ivy Academy, Welbey Way Elementary, and Lockhurst Haynes Elementary all held food drives. Viewpoint School (Calabasas) sent students to help sort. And local companies and groups Time A Crump, National Notary, Vasht Organization, Keller William Reality, Health Net, and Life Care Assurance held food drives, while Invitemanager sent a crew to help with sorting.

Our thanks to all the groups and individuals that have taken time to share with those in need.

Tayvon Webster helps at the Pantry
LA Rams Cornerback, Tayvon Webster, visited the Pantry Tuesday, November 21 to help hand out turkeys to clients and sign autographs. Both the clients and the Pantry volunteers were delighted by his visit. (See photos above.)

More news and announcements can be found on the news page.